Local NH Firewood & Lumber Products

At Westwood Farm, we have rough sawmill products available,
including pine, hemlock and hardwoods.
  • Typical products include boards, timbers and custom framing lumber.
  • With a portable sawmill on the property, we can easily produce most custom lumber orders.
  • Sawdust from the sawmill is also available in bins.
We also have firewood products available.

NH Firewood for Sale

  • We offer seasoned or green firewood for sale.
  • We have hardwood and softwood slabs from the sawmill for sale in large bundles or cut to firewood length.
  • We are able to provide large quantities of firewood for outdoor furnaces / boilers.

Any of these products can include delivery.

For any of the above, call, text, or e-mail Zach: (603) 455-1054 or zdtree@gmail.com


Z.D. Tree Service NH